Backup/Restore fail query

Folks I'd appreciate a bit help. I've made the move over to Openwrt for my R7800 from ddwrt as I've found to many to be unstable when I compare to Kongs older builds. I have tftp installed Kong's October build and generated an archive to back up my settings. Tonight I've had a nightmare, went to his site and downloaded the kong-ipq806x-generic-netgear_r7800-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin but after flashing from Luci I never got Luci online again. I reset and restored the backup I made but the interfaces refused to hand out and DHCP addresses so it seems logical the backup process or restore has failed somewhere. Any thoughts on what could have gone wrong would be appreciated.

Did you also re-flash the version related to that backup?


Yes. Again it didn't issue any dhcp. I think I've located the source of the problem. I had a custom fw rule that blocked multicast. Not sure at this stage how that would affect dhcp or how the custom firewall rules work in OWrt thanks for your reply though.. Still learning here..

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