Backup Full Firmware

hi, is there any way to backup the entire firmware with installed packages?
i installed some packages like luci app nft qos, luci app nlbw, adblock... but when i reset the router these packages are gone and i have to install these again.
i want to backup my current firmware with all avaiable installed packages. :frowning:

You can use the Firmware Selector to generate an image including all desired packages.

When using that image, a resetting of the router will no longer delete those packages.


how can i write the packages i want in firmware selector?
for example, i want luci, luci app nft qos, and argon theme.
how can i enter these package in firmware selector?for example i just write 'luci app nft qos ' like this?

Just write the packages you want after the default packages. Like this:

Ignore the packages listed, they differ from model to model. I added LuCI, for example.
In your case, just write the package names with a spacebar in between.


thank you so much

Additionnal infos/tips :

  1. copy the text for the next time you will want to create an image. You will only need to paste the text.
  2. Generating an image which already includes all the packages you need is more efficient (from a memory space point of view) than adding manually each packages. So enjoy using the firmware selector.