Backup : Exclude file in /etc/config


What is the best way to exlude 1 file in /etc/config when creating a backup?

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My first guess is that it is not possible.

I have never heard about an exclusion possibility during the past 6 years with Openwrt/LEDE...

What is your use case for that feature?

Situation : 4 routers, identical hardware, lede 17.01.2 - multiuser
Use case: config changes in 1 router should be made in all 4, but not the access to the same menu's

So my first thoughts when viewing the "backup list" is removing /etc/config/users from the list, so i can restore a backup file to the other 3 routers. This works well, if I manualy delete the file from the tar and restore the tar to the other routers.

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There's definitively no UI for that.
But you could either trigger the backup process manually on CLI via SSH and do the file exclusion after the file has been created or you could trigger the import process on CLI via SSH and do the file exclusion before importing.

Every operation done by WebUI can be done via SSH. Backup and restore would be something like this:

Instead of creating config backups, you could create to manage your APs entirely via SSH.
Here's what I do to apply wifi to the APs I have at home. But you can definitively do the very same thing not only to manage wifi but to manage nearly every other setting.

I just call ssh myrouter ash < to have that setting executed.

Putting the most part of your config in such an external file makes your APs totally replaceable. In case an AP dies, you can buy another one, but it in place, call your provision script and you're done.