Backup config from Luci fails after sysupgrade

I've been running 23.05.2 for a while, but I recently upgraded to 23.05.3
Now if I try using 'Backup' in Luci to backup the config, I get a local 25 byte file with a .tar.gz name, only it's plain text of "Backup permission denied".

If I ssh in and manually run /www/cgi-bin/cgi-backup I get the same.
uhttpd process is being run by root.

Was working before the sysupgrade...

Any pointers please.

Wow. Using Firefox 125.0, backing up the configuration files only works when talking https to Luci.


Browsers tend "protect you" by preventing download of suspicious http downloads. We live in a https-only world.

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The browsers are certainly moving that way, and I guess I have to get used to it

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To help someone in the future, the key is that the cgi-backup script will only work correctly from an HTTP POST method - if called from an HTTP GET it throws the "Backup permission denied" error.

What I was getting was that when asking Firefox to go to the router's hostname it first tried an HTTPS connection. The router replied but with a self-signed certificate - Firefox didn't like this, told me there was no secure connection, and asked if it should use an insecure connection (i.e. HTTP). When i replied yes, it made the connection but because it was using an insecure connection it turned all POST method requests into GET methods

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