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last night i install openwrt on d'link dwr921 C3 throw jboot web recovery successfully then change the settings in /etc/network/lan and now can't get ping or ssh to it. also i prefer to not connect to my dwr921 through uart and with wires soldered to it. is it possible to reset the settings in flash back to first place

run firstboot through the serial console, it should reset the settings.


by through the serial you mean open it and connect tx rx gnd wires to something like ftdi usb2ttl and open a console ?

yeah, I assumed you already had that up and running, but the assumption might have been incorrect.

in that case, try the reset button, if there's one, if not, try using arp to map its MAC to an IP.

Have you tried failsafe already?


when i do the procedure at the false settings still remain

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