Ax6000 xiaomi on the IPQ5018 processor

is there still a development on this router or has everything been discontinued

didn't know it actually had started ...

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I don't really understand you

that's too bad

was there anything wrong with the answer you received 20 days ago, in Прошивка xiaomi ax6000 - #6 by elder_tinkerer ?

everything is written correctly there, but maybe something has changed

so you're going to create a new thread every ~20 days ?

how about you browse the linux kernel lists/commits instead ?

if you want/need openwrt support now, get another, supported, device.

of course not I understand you I won't do it anymore))

So, I created an account just to comment on this, as I'm looking to update this one as well.

  • The Xiaomi AX6000 is not the same as Xiaomi Redmi AX6000.
  • Qualcomm IPQ5018 according toi the specs
  • http://192.x.x.x/cgi-bin/luci/web is the default URL. So at first, it seems to run a Linux after all
  • from the update bin file:

ROM ver

option ROM '1.0.103'
# channel
option CHANNEL 'release'
# hardware platform R1AC or R1N etc.
option HARDWARE 'RA72'
# CFE ver
option UBOOT '1.0.2'
# Linux Kernel ver
option LINUX '4.4.16'
# RAMFS ver
option RAMFS '0.0.1'
option SQAFS '0.0.1'
# ROOTFS ver
option ROOTFS '0.0.1'

#build time
option BUILDTIME 'Tue, 31 Jan 2023 08:09:15 +0000'
#build timestamp
option BUILDTS '1675152555'
#build git tag
option GTAG 'commit 62a9235151981e7661108f72afeb759c6e4ec857'

doesn't matter, the issue isn't with the (wrong) product, but with the SoC, the last reply in the thread I linked to earlier, is still valid.

here's another one.
ipq5018 is supported by the kernel since a while.

But the device is not so popular, so less people working on it.
I would do it myself, but the openwrt experience I have exists out of installing it on supported routers using the "manual", rather then starting it on my own.

As everything works, for me it's just a nice to have. I can help by testing things when needed, but not create and research everything myself. I'm quite handy with things, but "free time" is for me the missing link between those.

Instead this post, follow:

However, the Redmi and non-Redmi (AiOT) versions are mixed in that thread as well.

not really Adding OpenWrt support for TP-Link RE700X, IPQ5018 - #15 by robimarko + Add support Mercusys mr70x v2 and Tp-link ax53/55 - #7 by slh

Xiaomi Redmi Router AX6000 uses a completely different SoC

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Indeed, That's what I said. The topic is about the correct one, but a lot info about the other one. But that's the one to read.
Thanks for the kernel info btw :).