AX3600, is OpenWRT fully functional?

Been using the Xiaomi firmware, rooted with SSH support since the start. But there are a few things missing from this firmware, like NAT Loopback/Hairpinning and guest WiFi, better firewall settings etc.
It has been rock solid with good speeds, get about 900mbps with WiFi all over my home.
I am a bit worried using a firmware which receives no updates and with questionable security.

How well is OpenWRT working on the AX3600? Are there missing functionality, or performance issues, stability issues?

I have never used OpenWRT before, should I download initramfs-factory.ubi version 25.05.3

I read somewhere that the default OpenWRT is missing some functionality, should you add something to Customize installed packages and/or first boot script? And if you do, will this automatically get added each time you update the firmware via the webUI in the future?

Any other tips or tricks? Do you recommend OpenWRT for AX3600?

Its fully supported

Yes, I have read about it. But it seems like there is some performance issues reported when searching this forum. That’s what I am wondering!

Tuya IOT things crashes router. I not sure i there are any solutions.

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Maybe reference those contributors specifically in this thread (like this @naltabra ) ?

My friend from work has this router, the International Firmware is limited and worse compared to the Chinese version.
You can easily install Chinese firmware (unless Xiaomi blocked something) on global/international version, then only this router spreads its wings.

Using the china firmware could be illegal because regulations of frequencies and power!