[AX3600] Is it possible to flash Global ROM with stock Chinese ROM?

Good afternoon everybody,

I explain my situation, which has me in suspense since I acquired the router.

The thing is that he got an AX3600 from the factory, with the misfortune of having the Chinese ROM, when I realized that it does not have the VLAN option to apply, and with it, not being able to access the router to update the ROM to the Global one, I see myself Having this router without being able to use it.

I have followed a 'tutorial' where they explain how to do it using 'MIWIFIRepairTool', but without success, since when the program should start reading the file, the MiWiFIRepairTool program closes for no reason (tested both on W10 as in W11), attached URL of the process that followed:

I don't quite understand why it closes, it even tried on a different computer but it keeps happening, and I don't know what else to do to try to flash the ROM to the Global one so that it is compatible with VLAN data and be able to use this router.

I hope your help.

Thank you very much and regards.

why do you want the stock firmeware?
Why not flashing OpenWrt?

I would like to experience the interface of the GLOBAL version (besides that it has 802.1Q VLAN option which I need to connect via PPPoE), and right now I can't access the interface of the router in Chinese version.

I have two ax3600 which i got with the International Firmware.
I flashed the chinese one to later install OpenWrt.
You can find debricking infos also here:


Yes, you can flash global firmware from stock chinese, simply from the UI, going to the update option and selecting the global firmware. I did it in the past.