AX200 - Wifi6 Hotspot on Windows 11. Is it possible to have this in OpenWrt?

Hey guys!

I just noticed that my AX200 is transmitting in Wifi 6 (not sure exactly if it's indeed Wifi6 or not, but is shows as wifi6 in my S22 Ultra). Would this be a real Wifi6 transmissition? And would we be able to get something like this in OpenWrt, so we could have cheap x86 builds with Wifi6 using intel cards?

I know in the past this AX200 were not capable of hotspot in Wifi 6 on Windows, but now it looks like it is. Maybe Intel released an update to allow this?

The easy answer is "no".

Within the last ~2 weeks there have been some promising developments for ax200 and ax210, but those are far away from being merged into OpenWrt and depend on quite a lot of local hackery (and building from source with multiple local patches) on your side.

What remains are:

  • it's not a supported feature by Intel, it's not tested by them (beyond of what wifi direct needs to function) and if there are bugs, they won't get attention
  • DFS channels are off-limit
  • iwlwifi still needs to gather regulatory information from your environment, it's not self-sustaining
  • very limited features and interface combinations
  • very low limit of connected STAs
  • 'crude', would be a polite way to describe it

tl;dr: You don't want it, it's not made for this purpose and not good at the job.


I see.
Thank you very much for making it clear.

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