Awful new dark Github top bar (when logged in)

I don't like Github's new dark top bar that is visible when you are logged in.
Apparently an intentional new design:

Especially the user's avatar looks stupid on the black background:

I dislike it so much that I gave them feedback about it, and to my surprise they answered in about 10 minutes, but sadly said that it is a design decision :frowning:

But they will pass the negative feedback to the design team, so I just hope that enough people will give negative feedback if they do not like it, so that it might be made optional or the design reverted...

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Where did you provide feedback? I don't hate it (not fond of it, either), but was surprised to see the unexplained, and not essential, change.

I followed the "Help" -> "Contact Support" route. It took them much longer to reply, they're probably already swamped with angry customers.

See also NoGithubDarkMode at: :slight_smile: