AVM FRITZ!Box 7330 SL -- Device unreachable after seemingly successful installation

Installing current stable (21.02.2) on an AVM FRITZ!Box 7330 SL (with stock firmware) following the guide at https://openwrt.org/toh/avm/fritz.box.wlan.7330 (using LAN1) proceeds as expected, including the concluding reboot.

But after that, the device cannot be reached at, neither via browser, ssh nor by ping.

Any suggestions?

Did you already try an older version of OpenWrt, at least for basic testing?
lantiq SOCs prior to vr9/ VRX2xx are seeing very little real-world testing (as they're very low end by today's expectations and more modern/ cheap VRX2xx devices can also cover ADSL uses), so it's quite possible that no one has noticed more recent breakages.

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@slh: Thanks =:)

19.07.9 worked.
21.02.0 failed.

Would https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/issues be the right place to
report this?

Can I provide more information?
I do not have the equipment to access the serial port of the device.

Yes, you can use github - serial console access may become necessary to actually debug this.

@slh: Thanks again.

I've opened an issue.

Can you please give a complete report what works and what does not. I have one and need to determine if I keep or toss it. Thanks a lot. AVM boxes, sadly, are not being lucky past 19.0.