Avahi / Bonjour with dynamic VLAN assignation

Hello there !
I am using 802.1x on my different SSID along with dynamic VLAN assignation based on the login information provided. Users are being placed in different VLANs depending on some factors and everything works flawlessly.

Where there is one thing that does not work as expected is when I try to use Bonjour services accros the different VLANs.
I have Avahi set up and it is working fine for device being configured on specific VLANs (yes, even when they are not on the same VLAN !). Only clients being dynamically assigned a VLAN are not able to get the Bonjour features working (in this case, discover Bonjour capable devices to interact with).

Anyone could have a clue ?

Cheers !

The issue is that the protocol doesn't route. It will only work on one VLAN, unless you bridge them of course, hence defeating your purpose of separate VLANs.

I agree. But that is the purpose of using Avahi :wink: But even with Avahi, it does not work.