Automatically disconnected dlink dir 300 b1

Wi-Fi is automatically disabled, a new connection is possible only after rebooting the router.

How to increase the speed of a router that is configured as a repeater?

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Dir 300 has no more enough memory for a modern openwrt, mine needs a really old one, already 18.06 has the problem of not keeping the settings on mine


Powered by LuCI 15.05-142-gb6330a1 Release (git-15.363.78009-956be55). This build is specifically for dir 300 b1

System Log

Kernel Log

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sorry, in the previous logs there can be no errors and in these there should be

System Log

Kernel Log

See this wiki entry:

There is no specific ready made image for this kind of devices. You have to create an image of your own, sticking with 15.05 is a security disaster. Either you manage to create a suitable image of a newer release or you abandon it. Mine is semi abandoned, read i don't useit usually, but feom time to time im testing some crap with the old lede release on there not to ruin a config of a production router. That's it.

to assemble yourself you need to know what items should be in the assembly

Archer c7v5 there is also a disconnection