Automated updates when you have more than one OpenWrt Router?

Hi there,

I have more than one OpenWrt Router (Same Model)

From my master Gateway router (Router number 1) can that router automate the connected routers to perform updates inline with my master router?

So, if i apply updates to Router 1, the other routers follow suit? It would would make life easier say if i had 5 or more down the line. Saves 5 logins and repeating myself numerous times.

Thank you.

Not as a turn-key solution.

But it's all linux underneath, and you have shell access over ssh, so anything is possible - but you would have to write the necessary support yourself (I don't think luci-app-attendedsysupgrade would cover your expectations either).

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There is a solution to everything (from my point of view) apart from finding out whats beyond the Big Bang Theory, thats where my knowledge ends.

Hopefully this could be looked into.

Thank you for your input too.

Test before implementation.

When you see an update as old as this appear, you might consider wanting to update.

Shell appears to be the most effective solution in this case:

for HOST in openwrt{1..5}; do gnome-terminal -q --tab -t "${HOST}" -e \
"ssh root@${HOST} '. /etc/profile; opkg update; opkg upgr; read'"; done

You can also automate the management with something like Ansible.
But it may not worth the hassle unless you have really a lot of hosts.

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I see the use of customisation, though Cisco does not have this limitation when working on a mass scale.

Maybe we could take some hints from their IOS in this instance.

Maybe along the lines like Miraki.

OpenWrt-Miraki VMware Control Station - You get the jist