Automate make menuconfig and make kernel_menuconfig?

Hello everyone,
I'm trying to automate using specific kernel options - and openwrt building options.
I discovered in the documentation that I can just ship a small .config, with only the modifications I want, and then use make defconfig to complete these options will all of the other config options.

Still, the behaviour is weird when I try to set up kernel options, such as "CONFIG_KERNEL_IGB=y" for example. These options are removed by the make defconfig.

Is there a way to automate the "patching" of the config and kernel config, providing only the differences and not full .config files?


fgrep -r ATAG target/linux/*/config-*

( where the first asterisk is your target )

it is possible with some sed magic to achieve most things... with the above and/or $(TOPDIR)/.config

Yeah, I was expecting something cleaner :frowning:

a cleaner way to automate "patching".... hmmmm.....

sounds like a job for git apply... :mushroom:

Well it's not really patching, it's just basically programmatically enabling some configuration options for the kernels. Why is this this difficult?

If you’re only building for one device, the kernel options are in config-default for the target and the same in target/linux/generic Both can be managed in git or with tools of your choice.

Some of the “why” is that the same kernel is used for all boards on a given target/subtarget