Automate 4/32 Warning?

Is there a way to automate the insertion of a 4/32 warning box on device pages where one or more of the currently available model(s) fall into this category?

It seems that many of the device pages I visit for these under-resourced devices don't have the warning and people are purchasing them based on the stated support for OpenWrt, perhaps without realizing that they really aren't good choices.


Can we also get an automated bot to respond to requests for help with devices under 8/64 by listing a selection of current devices, prices, and the maximum bandwidth they are recommended for :wink:

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Unfortunately there's no such automatism available, the 4/32 warning needs to be added manually to the devicepages. We have the 4/32 warning already on the dataentry pages, but since not everybody is aware of those, it seems to be a good idea to implement them on the devicepages too.

Overview of possibly affected devices + devicepages

=> approx. 260 devicepages where the 432 warning needs to be added.
=> approx. 4h (@1page/min) + 1 sixpack on a cold January weekend :wink:

Many hands, quicker end? (read: Any volunteers for this task?)

Note: Sixpack to be supplied by yourself.

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Prices are fluctuating. Impossible to keep up with them for such a broad range of devices.

Need to come back to this topic:

I have been thinking about adding performance numbers to the dataentries, since that's what users are looking for. But that's a different topic (that certainly needs attention).

When do we start warning prospective users/buyers that 8/64 devices aren't good choices, especially with 16/128 devices inexpensively and widely available?

I LOLed and imagined this read in a really really fast voice.


Prices also have huge regional variances, in particular between north america and europe, e.g. linksys is much cheaper in the US than in europe - this is inverted for other vendors.

Obviously if it's supposed to be a bot it could look up up to date regional prices online. :wink: Of course it was mostly a fascetious suggestion. Mostly

Done, 432_warning added to the affected devicepages.

Hmpf... nobody brought me anything like that. :frowning: