Auto select network in sta mode like mikrotik connection list

connect-list is used to assign priority and security settings to connections with remote access points, and to restrict allowed connections. connect-list is an ordered list of rules. Each rule in connect-list is attached to specific wireless interface, specified in the interface property of that rule (this is unlike access-list, where rules can apply to all interfaces). Rule can match MAC address of remote access point, it's signal strength and many other parameters.

I have portable device and i want to device automatically connect to ap available from predefined list. example: office has ssid "macosusersmostcry" and my home has ssid "int16hz" and when i poweron my device in office device connect to "macosusersmostcry" or when device in house connect to "nt16hz"

Install "travelmate" (and luci-app-travelmate)

thanks for your way, but are there any more reliable ways than bash script and iwconfig?