Auto restart PPPoE when no connectivity

Hello, new openwrt user, trying to learn the ropes.

I got openwrt running in PPPoE mode behind a bridge mode CPE. Problem is that if the CPE connection to the ISP breaks for whatever reason (restarting the CPE for example), the PPPoE WAN connection on openwrt does not react.

I probably need a script to periodically check for connectivity (like ping google or something) and reset the WAN interface if failed? But I'm not sure how or where I'd implement something like that.

Would be grateful for any assistance.

Did you try the embedded keep-alive mechanism first?

option keepalive '5 5'


Oops, overlooked that option. If it works as advertised it should do the trick.

I'll try it later and mark your post as solution if all goes well, thanks.

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