Auto-registering IPv6 AAAA records into DNS? dnsmasq? odhcpd?

Hi, just a quick question. I've got a dual stack lan setup with both v4 and v6 (17.04).

What I want to know is what is the best and supported way to populate my local DNS automatically with hostnames for ipv6 hosts in the same fashion dnsmasq does for ipv4?

I am using dnspmasq for ipv4 since that is the default setup.
I'm currently running the defaults for ipv6 (slaac).

It looks like I should be running DHCPv6, hopefully in stateless mode to preserve SLAAC, but I'm not seeing code in odhcpcd to pump the hostname into the system dns (except possibly through ubus?).

How do y'all do this, as it's super basic and should "just work"...?

ip6neigh seems interesting, but I haven't tried it.

config host
        option name 'foo'
        option mac '01:23:45:67:89:ab'
        option ip ''
        option duid '0123456789abcdef0123456789ab'
        option hostid 'c0a8010c'
        option dns '1'

Not what I asked. If a v4 host presents a hostname in its DHCP request, that hostname is put in dns by dnsmasq. We need same for v6.

with bind-server + isc-dhcp-v4 and isc-dhcp-v6.

You don't need to install those packages to get dns records for stateful DHCPv6 addresses since it's supported by dnsmasq. For SLAAC you need something else such as ip6neigh mentioned above.