Attended Sysupgrade from 22.03 to 23.05

Hello Together,
I have several devices, Netgear switch, APs and routers with OpenWRT. On all of them I have installed in Luci "Attended Sysupgrade" but on none of them I see the new stable version 23.05 when I search for a new firmware. What am I doing wrong? Unfortunately I have never done such an update before so I am loss right now. What is the best way to update to 23.05?

A mayor release upgrade isn’t a small task. It is a new kernel with a 100% upgrade of all files on disk. So I don’t really see any point of anything else than a standard full upgrade installation.

Not even Ubuntu distributions can make a APT upgrade between major releases.

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Oh :grimacing: Thank you for your information. What does a full major release update look like? Do I have to do all the settings again?

Maybe? I don’t really think about that anymore after I made a config setup script with about 1000lines of mostly uci code I run after the upgrade and build the firmware from source code with all packages I need build in right away.

You always have “save settings” option you can try, it may work or it may not work. Success seems to be mostly depending of complexity of your configs, but there is no hard line where and when it works.

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Well, this depends on your own tolerance for risk. I'm very risk tolerant, so I used command line auc -b 23.05 -B 23.05.0 on three routers that were running 22.03.5 (an apu2/x86, a Belkin RT3200 and an Archer C7v4). I'm running a mix of different packages on them (e.g., on the apu2: sqm, stubby DoT behind dnsmasq, adblock, luci-app-statistics, a handful of fw4 customizations...). The only one to give any trouble was the Belkin, which being an mt7622 device was missing kmod-mt7915-firmware after the update, due to the 7622 package being split up a few months back.

Note that the apu2 (my "production" edge router) was done last, after I had experimented with similar upgrades on an x86 VM, so had high confidence that the upgrade would work. (Add this to the knowledge that x86 is super robust, can't be bricked and is usually very easy to recover from problems.)

Yeah, and it's currently a crapshoot depending on the specifics of your device and what's installed. You can see my posts on issues over in the 23.05.0 release thread, if you're interested. I did a post for each box I did in order. OpenWrt 23.05.0 - First stable release

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Ok, thank you all for your informations, I will try it with not so important devices.

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