Attempting to install OpenWrt on TP-Link AX1800 (USW) US version 4.6

So I have been on an attempt to install openwrt on this specific router

I have been following the guide here

And following the discussion here

However my confusion lies with the fact the guide said this only works with hardware version 1 and 1.20, but failed to mention about support for other hardware version. Of course there are like 4 different hardware versions of this product in the US alone.

I have tried to install it regularly to the system but as expected I get an "Upload error" when I attempt to upload the factory.bin file (not unexpected given the different versions). Is there any possibility of support for the TP-Link AX1800 (AX23) US version >1.20. I have yet to try any of the other methods but I don't see it being that simple either.

I have yet to open the router yet as I foresee being a pain but am willing to do it if someone really wants me to.

Any help or clarification on openwrt support for this product would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

What does the bottom sticker say about your device ?

Does it say AX23 ?

There's also the unsupported AX1800 AX20.

Not exactly. The Model is shown as: Archer AX1800(USW) ver 4.6.
Not very helpful.
But the FCC ID is: 2AXJ4AX23 which when searched links to the FCC page for user manuals, listed there is the AX23 model.

Well, it's not supported, unfortunately.

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Do you know how I could go about getting support for it? Is the openwrt binary required something I could build myself or does it require more specialized expertise: (i.e. serial access to the system, dumped data and/or reverse engineering).

Actually, that is very helpful. OpenWrt supports V 1.20. You have V 4.6.
As @frollic beat me to saying: it is not supported.

Search for other requests for support and provide the outputs needed and, if you are lucky, someone will take an intrest. But you have to do a lot of legwork.

Thanks for the help. Will do.

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Try to figure out the hw inside, it'll at least tell you if it's supportable...

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Ok. Thanks

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