Attemp to port OpenWrt to zyxel vm8825

Hi have a question: i am trying to port openwrt barrier breaker to zyxel vm8825. I am basing it on the zyxel opensource firmware that is based on barrier breaker ( sources my idea was to clone a vanilla repo of barrier breaker and copy the target brcm9633xx from the original firmware to the barrier breaker targets to the barrier breaker target folder. I am am not sure if this is going to work. Amy suggestion?

Depends on what features you need.

*DSL will probably not work, and wifi will be crippled.

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Don't port an ancient target. Go with the current master.

You van compare the two BB codebases to see what ZyXEL did, bit you don't want to run this really old build.

And as @frollic mentioned, some features won't work as it's Broadcom.