Atheros chipset, 802.11ac / a/b/g/n miniPCI express radio card, half size [Fixed]

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My laptop wireless card is Intel chipset and is not well supported, so I would like to replace it. This quite a heck, because there is a whitelist of authorized network card and I need to flash coreboot to remove the list.

I am looking for a Atheros chipset, 802.11 ac/a/b/g/n miniPCI express radio card, half size, with two antenna connectors. I am running Linux, this is why I would prefer atheros chipset.

Any idea? Something comparable to the WLE600VX
but in half size.

Amazon and other websites don't tell what chipset is being used, so I prefer to ask here.

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Something like qca6174 is available as half sized miniPCI card and is supported by ath10k.

Driver: kmod-ath10k or kmod-ath10k-ct
Firmware package: ath10k-firmware-qca6174
miniPCI card: qca6174 miniPCI

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Seems perfect, thanks.

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