Ath79 target status


Any chance 1043N v5 can be added to ath79 ?
I see all other sister routers already with snapshots, but not v5


Check Porting guide ar71xx to ath79?, maybe it has a PR pending already; if not, you could ask in that same thread. Nothing won't be accepted without testing though, so you'll need to volunteer or find someone to do so.


I'm not sure whether this is the correct place to post but I want to share my Kernel Log Errors on the ath79 Snapshots with the Developers.

Kernel Log on Archer C7 v2 ath79 Snapshot from Wed Nov 28 Ubuntu Pastebin expires on 2019-01-03

This is probably related to the patch mentioned in @juppin Post.


did anyone try to make dts for Atheros DB120 reference board?


If anyone make for dir505l and wndr4300 I can test thx



I have created a new target page to reflect the status of ar71xx->ath79 migration: - shows ar71xx-ath79 only (=migrated devices)

The already existing pages for ar71xx + ath79 have been modified to show both, ar71xx + ath79: - shows ath79 + ar71xx - shows ath79 + ar71xx

I updated the status of the devices listed further above accordingly.

For already existing (ar71xx-) devices, you can update the status yourself by editing the respective dataentry:

  • Set target = ath79 → devices with this target can be found only in ath79
  • Set target = ar71xx-ath79 → devices with this target can be found in both, ar71xx and ath79
  • Set Unsupported functions = ath79 WIP → incomplete ath79 migration; work in progress
  • Set Unsupported functions = <empty> → 100% complete ath79 migration; no manual adjustment of configuration necessary when migrating from ar71xx to ath79