Ath79: single port device, can’t connect to the device after flashing openwrt

I’m trying to add support for TPLINK TL-AP301C v4.


I’ve got to the point where I have successfully flashed openwrt onto the device, and got it to finish booting, but I can’t connect to the device after that. I think the ethernet port is not correctly configured, can anyone give me a hint on what should I look out for? Thanks.

start by looking for the port itself ? lspci and dmesg. ...

Currently I don't have access to the serial output of the device, I'm looking into it.

I flashed the firmware by directly programming the flash chip.

you could enable wifi from start, and gain access that way.

Just tried that, sadly it didn't work. Cound't find the SSID of the device, for some reasons.

I think I need to figure out a way to get serial output to get to the bottom of this.

The firmware that came with the device is very locked down, which seems to be based on vxworks instead of linux. Both ssh and telnet are locked up.

I do see a 4-pin pad on the PCB, however there're no pins on them, just empty holes. Also there're no markings. I think I know which 2 of them are RX and TX, but the traces seem to be disconnected (there seems to be some missing 0 ohm resistors). Some soldering is probably needed.

I have three of those devices. They've been sitting in the storage room for maybe 2 or 3 years.

It's not like the hardware is super exciting, it's only 11n, 300Mbps on 2.4G only. And it only has one 100M ethernet port. But I still want to port OpenWrt onto it, so atleast it could be somewhat useful in the future.