Ath5k ANI (Noise Immunity)

Good day, I know this is going back a bit, but I have recently converted an AR430W / DIR-300 from DD-WRT to OpenWRT. I used Backfire 10.03.1 as 12 seemed to be too intensive when using LuCI.

I noticed that in DD-WRT I could not use many of the interference settings, basically had to use the initial level or to disable completely for stability.

ath5k seems to have ANI on defaulted to automatically control according to the below:

I have seen other articles relating to ath9k:

I would like to manipulate these options, as the path for:

sys/kernel/debug/ath5k/phy0/ani or sys/kernel/debug//ieee80211/phy0/ath5k/ani

do not exist. Do I need to create these and if so which should I use? Essentially looking for feedback on echoing the different parameters properly and eventually using on start up.


Is it even running ath5k, or madwifi?

The existence of debugfs is a kernel build option and likely not enabled / possible due to small RAM.

A g-only device should be retired rather than trying to optimize it.

I am using the older hardware as a bridge to the outdoors/barn, that is all. For internet we have 1.5M DSL, that's about it.

It could be running madwifi, now that you mention it - how can I confirm? The debug subfolder is present - not sure if that confirms debugfs.

When I looked at the wiki I see ath5k in the list though they mention 12.09 as the current supported release - perhaps that was compiled using ath5k.

Does madwifi have any of these options? How does one set, say beacon and dtim with madwifi or is that even possible?