Ath10k support for Dakota 04 AP (IPQ4019)


I am using Dakota 04 AP. I cross compiled ath10k drivers for Dakota 04 AP(IPQ4019). After inserting the ath10k driver modules, no WiFi interface is coming up. I am using ath10k backports-4.4-rc2-1 version and Dakota 04 AP kernel version is 4.4.60.


No clue what you’re doing. Perhaps you’re confusing QSDK with OpenWrt?

Several boards already on the ipq40xx platform under OpenWrt, all running smoothly and handling pre-cal and cal data under both Linux and Candela Technology drivers.

Hi jeff,

I am using QSDK for Dakota 04 AP, and i want to add ath10k support QSDK.

While QSDK drew from a now-ancient OpenWrt release, it is not OpenWrt. Between no access to its code for virtually all here and its operation in OEM firmware seeming to be completely different, it can’t be supported here.

Assuming your DTS is correct, the problem is likely that you’re not loading the board file and ART data (as a file) or not loading the proper data.

Please can u refer the link for Openwrt source code for Dakota 04, and please can u mention the flashing instructions. -- master branch. Platform-specific code under target/linux/ipq40xx/

More detailed build instructions at

Most boards will build a sysupgrade.img, which is typically a tar-style install package, as well as an initramfs image and, when possible, one flashable by the OEM's GUI (factory.img).

Thank you Jeff.

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