Asus SRT-AC1900 firmware?

Hey guys,

Just bought an Asus OnHub SRT-AC1900 because it was listed as supported hardware for LEDE and has great spec's (1GB RAM etc.).

Having trouble finding the right firmware image files for this specific device, and don't want to brick it.

Any advise or help is greatly appreciated. Where can I find the image files for this piece of hardware so I can get rid of the limited Asus firmware? I looked and looked, nothing I dare start off with... :frowning:


The Table of Hardware suggests you should use one of the files here but it's not clear which one...

I do not see any device specific support for the Asus OnHub SRT-AC1900 at all. Arch support for IPQ8064 is available of course, but that doesn't imply that all devices using it already are fully supported (but it should be possible to add it).

Table of hardware looks misleading if there's no actual images available.

I can not really explain who set this to 17.01.1 (minor glitch in the matrix).
If nobody knows how to get LEDE working on this device, we can reset the dataentry to not supported. And while we are at it: Remove the WIP, since I don't see any activities on the mailing list, nor in the OpenWrt wiki, nor in the forums.

There is neither a DTS file available in LEDE's repo, nor support for building device specific image, accordingly the device quite obviously isn't supported at the moment.

I updated the dataentry [1] and wikidevi [2].