Asus rt-n10p h/w ver A1 no wifi

I have the Asus rt-n10p h/w ver A1
I have flashed it with :

both are missing the "wifi" under networks in luci and there is no wwlan0.

Is there a way to turn the Wifi on?

I flashed the unit back to the stock firmware and the hardware is working correctly.


Your wlan chip (BCM5356A1) isn't supported by b43 - and that's very unlikely to change in the future either.

If is not supported, why is the Asus rt-n10p A1 list in the Table of Hardware?[Brand*~]=asus

Also you are looking at the wrong router I have the rt-n10p note the "p"

chipset BCM5356C0


Because the SoC in general (apart from wifi) is supported. Being a Broadcom SoC, lacking wifi support is to be expected.