Asus RT-AX53U vs REDMI AX6s

I want to upgrade my main dump AP, now I have Archer C7.
Also my main router I have a x86 j4125 mini pc (both the mini pc and C7 run open-wrt)

my C7 struggles to keep a up with the needed bandwidth I use run local cameras dashboard stream from my main cameras server to my smart TV over WIFI - all runs well until I connect extra devices and use internet heavily over WIFI, like Youtube 4k.

I can buy the ASUS RT-AX53U for 100$ while the REDMI AX6S is 70$
I don't care about the extra 30$ , but which one should I get.
Other options are not available (wanted to get Xiaomi ax6000 but it is not supported by open-wrt - only snapshot)

Belkin RT3200 < $70 new, on US eBay.

can't get it I am out of the US and it won't pass the customs because of wireless regulations

then you should probably tell us where you are, not where you aren't ...

I am from Israel
and I can buy routers from china and they will pass customs because of one reason ,Chinese ship with shipping companies that for some reason will pass customs (my guess is the cheap shipping / less transparency has something to do with it)

I'd probably get the ASUS, should be easier to flash.

Xiaomi could always replace the flash chip, or close the exploit used for flashing, making the device unflashable, or soft bricking them.

but performance wise , would you still recommend the ASUS ?

The ASUS is AX1800, the AX6S is AX3200 and the last one's AX6000, so they should be faster,
but they'd still be capped by their 1gbit ports. which make the throughput figures laughable.