ASUS RT-AX53U lackluster perforance in client mode

I made a bad decision buying this router, it seems this hardware is pure garbage with or without OpenWRT.


I needed it in a setup where there is a remote Fritzbox (Wifi 5 802.11ac) in another part of the house where I need to connect as a client then provide networking to wired devices so the router is used in CLIENT mode.

I specifically using the 5Ghz band only, even the same channel that my laptop or cellphone does for example.

The difference is about sky and ground, my Leneovo Thinkbook and phone can do 140mbit down 60 mbit up when directly connected to the Fritz. With this router the max is somewhere around 60 mbit down 20 mbit up with the speed regularly dropping to 2-3mbit/s WTF!

I have the latest OpenWRT on it but as I said it hardly changes anything in speed.

Is there anything else still worth to try or put this to where it belongs, to the trashcan. :recycle:

maybe try setting the rt-ax53u to 802.11ac and the same bandwidth (80mhz?) as the AP

Dude it is on that:

195.0 Mbit/s, 80 MHz, VHT-MCS 4, VHT-NSS 1, Short GI
130.0 Mbit/s, 80 MHz, VHT-MCS 1, VHT-NSS 2, Short GI

But generally my experience with technology is if something is shit by default and I make that by just using the Asus firmware with CLIENT mode you can't put a lipstick on that pig but thanks anyway.

Buying this router highly NOT recommended.

something is wrong here. i do not have this device but i have alot devices mt7621, mt7915 DBDC radios, and on 5ghz radio in repeter mode or routing they can do 400-500 Mbit/s

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Yes something is defo very wrong with that router as the traffic chokes time to time goes down to unusable level while from my PC it can go up to 140mbit/s.

This is the conn for example from my laptop:

iw wlan0 link
Connected to (on wlan0)
SSID: Guest
freq: 5220
RX: 128844518 bytes (105183 packets)
TX: 104041916 bytes (15433 packets)
signal: -69 dBm
rx bitrate: 650.0 MBit/s VHT-MCS 7 80MHz short GI VHT-NSS 2
tx bitrate: 390.0 MBit/s VHT-MCS 4 80MHz short GI VHT-NSS 2

bss flags:	short-slot-time
dtim period:	1
beacon int:	100

Anyway I don't want to get screwed with the next one I buy can someone recommend better hardware for client mode?
I have a BSD router box but not too many Wifi5-6 cards support BSD.

open a new thread please

That's something I can't confirm (only from price perspective). If you don't need an USB Port a Zyxel WSM20 or other devices with MT7621 and AX WiFi are a lot cheaper.

Connection at 5 GHz AC between two WSM20 with two exterior walls and a reinforced concrete ceiling between them. The Asus router has quite the same WiFi range and throughput - and yes I own one as well, but he was replaced some weeks ago.

The only negative thing I've experienced is that the MT7621 is a bottleneck because this SoC is to slow for maximum WiFi throughput (>450-500 Mbit/s) in my setup.

Edit: After some minutes it's going quiet close to the link speed it has with AX WiFi:

Maybe your setup is wrong.

I can get over 800mbps on 802.11ax between my Galaxy S23 phone and a Linux box running iperf3 over the Asus RT-AX53u. I'm not sure I can or should expect better at the price, so I disagree with your view on value. If you're throwing it out, send it to me :joy:

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If your internet connection is fast enough and you use the device also as router you will be able to see the performance limitations by performing an online speed test with your S23 :wink:

The price hint was for the Zyxel WSM 20 vs the Asus, for about a year you could by a pack of 3 WSM20 for under 100 €. The HW and performance is more or less the same (but without an USB port).

Asus makes laptops and this is available anywhere in the world. Good at 500/500

Xiaomi makes cars. I personally wouldn't buy them, just like I wouldn't buy notebooks from Asus.