Asus RT-AX52 support

Asus RT-AX52 is a filogic based, reasonably priced router:

Any idea whatever happened to this support commit?

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Looks like the PR has been abandoned by the author.

It's basically just a more expensive Cudy WR3000 (£40). Probably why support was abandoned, no point.

more expensive where you are, and where the Cudy's available.

@rewter2 you can always copy the commit, and submit your own.

Hello, I also have the AX52 and I'm interested to put OpenWrt on it. I never ported OpenWrt on a router but I could try it for the AX52. Are there some good pratices/tutorials? thanks (I already have a usb to serial which is required according to the PR which was abandoned).

most of this is however already done, since there's a pending PR.

Hello thanks for your reply. How can I for example check that the DTS file which was written in the PR is perfect for the device? And according to what they asked in the PR I would just have to fork main and add the modification which were done by liudondondong7397 right? thanks

Hello, I extracted the DTS from my router but by checking the DTS files from the OpenWrt repo mine seems to have too much info in it, what should I do to create a valid OpenWrt DTS from the DTS I extracted. Thanks

The OEM DTS can usually only be used for reference, as a rough guide, it's usually convoluted and targetting ancient and heavily mutilated vendor kernels, there will be a lot of settings that will be different.

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Ok thanks, I extracted it via the dtc tool. I never wrote a DTS file, is this hard to do? How should I proceed to write it from scratch (what should be in there)? It's for a mt7981 device. And the OEM firmware seems to be based on OpenWrt: Linux version 5.4.225 (root@asus) (gcc version 8.4.0 (OpenWrt GCC 8.4.0 r0-febaa0c8)) #1 SMP Wed May 8 11:02:47 CST 2024

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Helps if you share asus model

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Asus AX52. There is already a PR about it but was abandoned by the author so I’m trying to re do it from scratch to understand what the author did (and to learn new things).
For now, I extracted the dtb from the Asus latest firmware and then via dtc I converted it to dts. I was wondering why my dts was so big and I think it’s because mt7981.dtsi is integrated into the dts I recovered.
If I’m not wrong the goal is to write a dts file which includes (#include "mt7981.dtsi") + all the things which differ from the dtsi (things which should be enabled and which are not in the dtsi)
Correct me if I’m wrong. Thanks for your help.
(If you need I can provide the dts I extracted)

Try to not duplicate threads.

Specs seem more like AX4200 than AX53U/54

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Ok sorry,

Do you know why in some dts files which are based on the mt7981 there is

&crypto {
	status = "okay";

While crypto is already set to okay in the dtsi, what’s is the goal? Thanks

There is crypto processor in some filogics, you can try, if there is empty place ipo hardware driver will reject to start.

Hi everyone, I'm currently working on the gpios.
Here is the list of the gpios:

ls /sys/class/gpio/
export     gpio0      gpio1      gpio11     gpio12     gpio8      gpiochip0  unexport

And here is what I noticed:

gpio12	power-led		active high
gpio8	wan-led			active low
gpio11	wps-led			active low
gpio0	wps-btn			active low
gpio1	reset-btn		active low

However I cannot find gpios related to LAN activities and WLAN activities LEDs. Do you know where should I look for that? Thanks

AsusWRT has "incognito mode" attached via WPS button options which turns off all lights, make a map of all exposed gpio-s (other than you already detected), switch it dark and check which gpios transitioned to zero from something else.
Then switch back mode with lights, and try to zero gpio-s one by one and register which light goes dark.

You found power LED, that was bare minimum to blink for failsafe when OpenWRT boots.

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Those are usually connected directly to the WiFi chip and are controlled by the MT76 driver.

They get exposed as /sys/class/leds/mt76-phy0 and /sys/class/leds/mt76-phy1.

How should I know which name should I assign to a node in the dts file? For example in some dts files I see keys for the gpios and in other dts files it's gpio-keys instead. thanks

Putting this picture here, the uart could be reachable from the back without opening the case.