Asus rt-ac85p & rclone memory consumption

Hi all!
I ordered above mentioned router and I want to know is there somebody who using rclone with OpenWrt?
Because I used rclone with S912 tv box (CoreElec) but it have 3GB memory so vfs-cache flag not a problem with that but when streaming its using about 80-120MB of memory in htop.

But you know that router have only 256MB so vfs-cache into memory is not an option. I'm going to use the rclone movie streaming with Kodi, and it has his own cache/buffer (in advancedsettings.xml). I'm not going to use any copy, sync, etc command, just want to mount my cloud and set to SAMBA or/and NFS share then the devices can reach the mounted drive.

So any suggestion to not run out of memory? Thank you!