Asus RT-AC68U alternative?

I got this router from christmas, and i simply loved it... until i upgraded its firmware to OpenWRT. No wifi at all... (nasty, i know the Broadcom issue, so...)

Can you recomend me a fully compatible OpenWRT with the same quality/specs than this one?


The AC68U uses a dual core Broadcom 4708 or 4709 (depends on version) with 128/256 memory. Those SoC's run awfully hot for their actual capability - hot as in inefficient and you can fry an egg on them.

A Linksys EA8300 (quad core IPQ4019 with 256/256 memory plus an extra 5G radio) would provide you at least as much capability without going overboard (compared to your AC68U) and it likes OpenWrt. But you won't be able to fry food on it anymore. Check out amazon for a renewed or refurbished - should be able to find for ~$60 shipped. Also check for a used one on ebay.