Asus RT-AC58U V2, V3 Support?

Hi, This question may have been asked before but does OpenWRT support the V2 and V3 models of Asus RT-AC58U does anybody know?

I didn't realize there were 3 versions when buying it cheap 2nd hand yesterday with the main intention of knowing it was supported by OpenWRT. I'm waiting for it to arrive and am concerned it may be a V2 or V3 that may not be supported by OpenWRT.

I wonder if the internals are different for the V2 and V3 models (SoC, Wireless chips etc)

V2 -
V3 -

Any assistance would be much appreciated.



v2 and v3 are currently not supported.

Specs v2: -> SoC = QCN5502 (different to v1) is unsupported

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Luckily the one i got 2nd hand was V1, flashed OpenWRT on it with no issue and all working perfectly,

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