Asus RT-AC58U V2 support coming?

Hi, I've got an Asus RT-AC58U V2. Will OpenWRT support this router soon? Thanks!

The 128 MB RAM makes it really tight for its ath10k radios. If you intend to buy it, you shouldn't, and get a device with 256 MB or higher for Atheros 802.11ac wireless.

No, not anytime soon.

SoC = QCN5502 -> currently unsupported by OpenWrt

BTW: Hardware specs:

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Hello, do you have any suggestions? All routers that I find with 256Mb are a fortune or are not gigabit :frowning:

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Hi. Since ASUS releases sources of their firmware, could we use them to add support for this CPU?


For everyone who owns this device (or v3 for that matter), the development is tracked in this thread. The reason is that RT-AC57U v2 and RT-AC58U v2 are identical devices.

That's valuable information.
Do you have a reliable source for this information (e.g. FCC reports)?

Yes. I originally learned this on wikidevi page for these devices. It says

"S418015A_02" is silkscreened on the board in the FCC photos.
Additional models covered by this FCC certification include:

and then lists these models as well as some others, followed by a quote

"All models are electrically identical, different model names are for marketing purpose"

While I haven't reviewed the original FCC documents, I did obtain official source code of the firmware on each of these models from ASUS's website and compared them. The tarballs (often inside a zip file) were identical. When I built the code for RT-AC59U v1 (another identical model), it worked well on my RT-AC57U v2.