ASUS RT-AC58U returning to stock


I tried to return to stock firmware however none of provided solutions work.

Fristly I followed but after step 6 router is not in recovery/rescue mode, so I can't execute step 7 and 8, because restoration tools can't see router that is not in recovery mode. Interesting thing is that after step 6 router is rebooting, but it's booting up back immediately to normal OpenWRT system.

I tried as well and it shows:

However router after restart boots back to OpenWRT.

Any ideas how to get original firmware?

Thanks in advance!

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i'm waiting with you, i'm in openwrt 22.03.3

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I've tried exactly the same things, with exactly the same results.

After finding this issue:

I flashed the latest 21.02.x firmware.

The documented "Returning to stock" process then worked as expected.

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