Asus rt-ac58u problem after following easy installation method

I followed this document explaining the easy installation method.

It mentions another detailed guide .

I followed the Method 2 in the detailed guide, which starts with stock2lede.trx

After flashing this trx file, i could login to lede ui, but kept getting The uploaded image file does not contain a supported format error. So as per the last footnote there, i flashed the step3 upgrade.tar file from Method 1.
Which did flash, and i got in to its lede ui again.

Then i flashed the latest upgrade.bin from rt-ac58u's openwrt fw page, the process finished, router rebooted, but i could not connect to the router since then.
It appears that the router is unable to assign me automatic ip on the wired LAN connection.
If i try to manually assign ip , the connection gets establish, but is unreachable.

I guess, because i followed the automatic method 2, then manual Method 1's step 3, as per the footnote, the reason for my issue is because somehow step 2 wasnt performed properly?

So am i screwed now? and usb-uart flashing the only way around from this point?

Any other way to connect to the router?

why on earth did you install LEDE ?

did you read the fine print on the page you linked to ?

because that link mentions this url with detailed steps.
I opted for Method 2 (automatic) which starts of with

And did you read the fine print?

(fine print is usually at the bottom)