Asus RT-AC58U doc improvement

I have a suggested doc improvement. In the Easy Installation section for the Asus RT-AC58U and related devices:

there’s a warning that you should backup the wifi calibration data before starting. This links to a thread which talks about the calibration data, but doesn’t tell you how to take such a backup.

The backup instructions are here, in the first 6 bullets:

Maybe the link should be updated, or these instructions should be added directly to the page.

Meta: I originally opened a ticket for this on the bug tracker but was told to post it here instead, "or just edit the page(s) yourself, it's a community maintained Wiki." I'd be happy to make the edit but I don't see how? The wiki only has a login page, no link to sign up for a new account, and if you try to log in with github then you get a message that self-registration is disabled.

@tmomas Can you help out here? I don't see the registration button anywhere either.

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