Asus rt-ac58u bricked after failed update

Hello, i'm an absolute newbie in this, and today first time installed openwrt on asus rt-ac58u, all was fine, i user the version from slav board what had luci pre installed in it, and when i was doing update - it just glitched.
The update was taking around two hours and i just rebooted router. After that i lost ability to access router.
The putty connection dose not work, it just refuses to connect.
Router alive and i can see that LED indicator what corresponding the connection router - PC , working. But i have no luck accessing router.

I did hard reset, i did 30/30/30 reset, i did pretty much all possible i could find, doesn't help i have no way to access router menu and roll back.

The reasoning i used third party update was that - i have no bloody clue what all of those mean and which i need to download.

Any help is appreciated.

Cheers /


Recovery doesn't work. Did try this already, i cannot get into router UI, connection to 192,168,1,1 isn't possible.

think that the page says not sure but....