ASUS RT-AC57U Wi-Fi speed problem

I have a very low Wi-Fi speeds on my ASUS RT-AC57U. Less than 30 mbit/s at 5GHz is ridiculous:

This is not signal issue, no matter I connecting from distance or putting phone directly on the router. Link state is excellent.

And 2.4GHz performs even worse:

I've tried to change avaliable settings, channels, operating modes, etc. Only managed to make it worse.
So, anyone knows what else I can try to do?

P.S. Stock asus firmware doesn't have this issue and easily operates 200+ mbit/s at 5GHz. And also obviously this is not connection/ISP or router CPU overload issue. Connection via ethernet port works great:

The driver has seen a few version bumps in the past few months, so please share which one you're using.

# opkg list-installed|grep mt76
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Thanks for replying. Here it is:

kmod-mt76-core - 4.14.141+2019-08-22-2a0edbb4-1
kmod-mt7603 - 4.14.141+2019-08-22-2a0edbb4-1
kmod-mt76x02-common - 4.14.141+2019-08-22-2a0edbb4-1
kmod-mt76x2 - 4.14.141+2019-08-22-2a0edbb4-1
kmod-mt76x2-common - 4.14.141+2019-08-22-2a0edbb4-1

Pinging @nbd he might ask you to run some tests.

I have the same router, running a 19.07 build, just tried the DSLReports test on my phone; I got 60/28 Mbps (line itself is 100/35).

Hmm. I flashed 19.07 from link in your profile. Unfortunately, results still the same.
But new system looks nice.

So, I've found a solution. Kind of.
First I've noticed that router TX Rate always was in the lowest possible mode (54 mbit via 802.11ac, 6 mbit via 802.11n).
And now just enabling "WMM Mode" option gains enormous boost instantly up to 150 mbit at 5 GHz. TX Rate changes to higher values.
Very weird logic because WMM is a QoS feature. I don't know how it can improve raw speed but it does.

It's not. AFAIK from 802.11n on one should enable it to get maximum throughput.

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Not what? I mean this is it right
By the way QoS not enabled at all. Doesn't throughput must be already at the maximum value in the such case?

It's not weird.

QoS (on wireless) is in fact enabled with WMM.