Asus RT-AC57U no connection in VPN after updating to 19.07.5

Hi guys and happy new year to everyone!

After succesfully configured the Asus RT-AC57U to be used with or without VPN (BT Home Hub 5A as dumb access point: is it possible to use Openvpn?), today I've updated Openwrt release to 19.07.5.

The first thing I've noticed is that now I can't connect to Internet anymore when I use VPN profile. If instead I'll restore the DUMBAP configuration, it works without issues.

I haven't got this issue when I updated from 19.07.3 to the .4 release.

Can everyone please help me in fixing this issue?

Thanks in advance for the reply!

I've solved it: I had to reinstall luci-proto-wireguard and luci-app-wireguard after updating to 19.07.5.

Infact, before reinstall those two packages, the wirevpn network was disable due to the missing package.

Reinstalled both using the DUMBAP configuration first, then I reuploaded the VPN configuration and everything is working fine again.

User installed packages are not preserved after an upgrade, if they are not part of the OpenWrt image. You'll have to use opkgscript to restore them automatically, or create a custom image which includes the extra packages by default.

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