ASUS RT-AC56U/R, DSA, Bridge

My Asus RT-AC56U/R has been serving files over SMB and DLNA just fine. I just upgraded to OpenWrt 22.03.2 using attended upgrade. A BIG thank you to the developers.

The current setup has ISP-> WAN port of Netgear (Main router) -> Netgear LAN port -> WAN port of Asus RT-AC56R -> LAN port of RT-AC56R -> few Devices.

Now new openwrt version for ASUS has DSA.
I wanted to make this device as a LAN bridge thus I got rid of the WAN and WAN6 interfaces. I have added switch port WAN to br-lan ports.

I have setup LAN interface as a DHCP V4 client getting a static IPv4 lease from Netgear, I created another Interface called LAN6 DHCP V6 client and bridged it with br-lan. Now I am getting IPV6 connectivity too. Everything seems to work. But, Is this the correct way of doing it?

BTW Although I have already disabled firewall service, Luci still show it as configurable.

You never actually say this - but in addition to SMB and DLNA, your Asus is intended to be configured as just a flat or managed switch.

If so, yes that looks OK.

I usually just remove any relevant rules, for example the WAN Firewall Zone (and if the port marked "WAN" is now a part of your br-LAN and LAN Firewall Zone, it would be in the LAN Zone anyway), so I've never seen what you described on: 18, 19, 21, 22, etc. The firewall always looks "configurable" to me on the web GUI.

Yes, that is the plan for now. Later I may be using it as a location <-> location wireguard router. That will be connected to a particular VLAN to be accessed by local desktop. I have not researched enough on that.

I thought that as I had disabled firewall daemon, the menu will be disabled in Luci. No harm done.

I'm not sure about dependencies for remove; but I believe the package luci-app-firewall should control that menu item.

(FYI, simply deleting or uninstalling the package/files from an existing image will not reclaim any file space.)