Asus RT-AC56U and Linksys EA6200

Hello good people.

There is detailed information on both routers
Asus here:
Linkjsys here:

Key similarities:
Asus SoC: Broadcom BCM4708A0. [WLAN Hardware: Broadcom BCM4352, Broadcom BCM43217
Linksys SoC: Broadcom BCM47081. WLAN Hardware: Broadcom BCM43217, Broadcom BCM4352

The difference:
There's no firmware flash file for Linkysys. But there's for Asus.

Can I use the Asus firmware on the linksys based on the similarities? If, yes, how could I proceed?

Thanks a lot.

No, you can't.

Embedded devices are not generic, they each need their own firmware, specially tailored to their specific hardware quirks, partition maps, firmware formats, GPIO assignments, etc. pp.

Not that either of those two wireless chipsets would be supported[0] in the first place.

[0] no, I don't consider b43 to be considered "supported" on a 802.11ac capable device.

Thanks for your prompt response. By any chance am I missing something; is this Linksys really not supporter? Perhaps someone 'in the know' knows best. This guy was able to accomplish what I'm trying to do over at ddwrt, using the Asus firmware:
But I do not make comparisons, only noting.

Please read up a little on Broadcom wireless and linux.

EA6200 is not supported. There has been no development to add OpenWrt support other than what you see in the wiki page.

Broadcom devices have very poor OpenWrt wireless support (ie. wifi may be disabled in OpenWrt). Recommend to use DDwrt or Tomato which have better Broadcom wifi compatibility.

I that case, I will find a suitable router that is friendly to openwrt. You have a suggestion. Yes? Thanks for it!

And I just noticed that the Asus is a broadcom router. So, can I conclude that only some broadcom routers are not supported?