Asus RT-AC51U -> support for 5GHz


I have a " Asus RT-AC51U" with OpenWrt at home. The 5GHz is currently not working, but it looks like it coud be added, because there exsist a driver:

MediaTek MT7620 for 2,4 GHz which works fine
MediaTek MT7610E for 5GHz which works not at all

But there driver is available here:

or here

Can someone add this to the OpenWrt image of the Asus Router? Maybe the driver is already merged?

Thank you!


It's now supported in snapshot build. But signal is very weak


Weak signal would not be a problem for my use case (everything is in the same room).

But it looks like I am just need to wait a few more weeks and I can download a snapshot version and it could work? :slight_smile:

You don't need to. The support is added months ago.

Clients disconnect when they're about 10m away from the AP and no obstacles in my case.
Unless they're in a small room I don't think you'll get a good experience..

I remember this device as a very weak 5GHz WiFi AP. It was the same on original Asuswrt firmware.

Could developers help us with MediaTek MT7610E and wifi 5GHz?

please, again :pray:

there is alternative (but not open source) driver for mediatek drivers

Would also love to keep the development for MT7610E(N) for TP-Link C20i pushed. - In general the development for 5 GHz MT-Chipset sucks slowly a bit, even when there are just a few diffrent versions like MT7620A and MT7628 with diffrent 5 GHz chipsets like MT7610x, MT7612x and that's usually it in every MT-driven devices. - So why is it so fucking impossible to bring the closed source informationen of Nossiac to the offical openwrt-drivers?

On github patch was posted: .

This fix make mt7610 in D-Link DWR-118-A1 usable.

Hello there.

I just wanted to mention that with TP-Link C20 v4 which uses apparently the exactly same radio has several issues and it doesn't work at all. It detects the radio upon boot, advertises its SSID, but doesn't associate at all.
Even trying various different configurations (channel 20 or 40 Mhz, N or AC, fixed Power Transmit or Auto, different channel frequency). Also Scan never works as well

Has anyone managed to use the non-open source drivers in 18.06 or Snapshot and did it work at all ? With this driver is LuCI able to manage the wireless settings or everything has to be done via the config files ?

For reference there is a issue opened for this:

I'm now running 18.06.4 (r7808-ef686b7292) and 5ghz is not active.

What driver should I install to try 5ghz?


kmod-mt76x0e, I guess. Driver support for mt7610e is relatively new, which means many devices were originally submitted without preparations for it - this might mean that further work on the device tree and eventually calibration data/ MAC address extraction might be needed. If you get it working, please take the effort to submit a patch.

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Try 19.07-snapshot

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Yesterday I've tried 18.06.4 snapshot and it already has WiFi drivers fix included.
Do you think 19.07 snapshot would be better?

Hi there
I installed 19.7 Snapshot latest version,also installed kmod-mt76x0e on my Archer C20 V4 but there is no 5GHz band!!!
How Can I enable it? what have I missed?!!
Any suggestion?!
Thank you

This topic is for RT-AC51U.
Please answer to the question regarding Archer C20 v4 in the appropriate topic TP-Link Archer C20 V4 (US) - How Can I Enable 5GHz wireless

had anyone testet the pandavan firmware?

i need a firmware for the asus rt51 which works,
as an bridge.,
but the openwrt always shut down the wireless connection to the client
and to the master, maybe a driver problem? 5ghz ist not in openwrt.

so someone had tested the pandavan?
best regards

Just upgraded my RT-AC51U to stable release 19.07.1 and 5Ghz is finally working!

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