Asus or stay with Linksys?

Hi guys,

I'm looking to buy Asus TUF-AX4200.
Anyone has OpenWRT installed on this device?

Should I stay with Linksys WRT1900 ?
Or move to Netgear Nighthawk X6 ?

Thanks :sunglasses:

Depends on why you're considering a swap ...

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Tri-band is nice, if you have rest of gear to match, but your old router is not bad at all.


If you already have a Linksys WRT1900AC "bought & paid for", you are in the best position to evaluate if it still meets your requirements. Make that decision based on your personal experience.

802.11ax will roughly double effective wireless throughput relative to 802.11ac in practice, and targets like filogic 8x0 can also challenge (and surpass) the wired performance of mvebu, so depending on your requirements the tuf-ax4200 could be a good option.

The r8000 (at least I presume that you refer to this mode with "Netgear Nighthawk X6") is even older than wrt1900ac - and Broadcom should ring many alarm bells to you. Yes, this is brcmfmac and 'technically supported', kind of, but… That device is very exotic in an OpenWrt context, with very few users and developers caring about it, quite a few open issues being reported, the wireless is 'special' and limited (and Broadcom has recently dropped maintenance for brcmfmac), but most of all - it's older and slower than what you already have.

The wireless situation of the WRT1900AC, mwlwifi, is obviously anything but great as well, but I guess 'better the devil you know'…

At this point, among contemporary high(er)-end devices, filogic 880/ 830/ 820 and ipq807x are your main contenders, probably in that order. There are a couple of interesting devices on the market.

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Speed, wifi coverage, wifi6, mostly that.

Wifi speed ?
AFAIK the 1900 is pretty capable, routing wise, but it also depends on the speed of your internet connection.

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I meant it's a great device but wanted something newer to expand my wifi to the whole house. I can certainly look for used WRT32x or WRT3200 because I like my WRT1900. But I can get brand new TUF for like $100ish. Just need to flash OpenWRT on it. The only thing is I don't know if TUF a good device on long term...

If you just want better wifi, add a RT1800 to your network, they're < $30 on eBay.

Or replace the 1900 with a WRX36, it's $80 on Amazon.

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Belkin and Linksys wifi6, didn't they have issues with OpenWRT?

TUF is AX4200 while Belkin is AX1800, thought it was a better choice.

RT3200s have been dying, people are investigating why it is happening.

Depends on your definition of better, and is it 3x better, as the price would suggest ?

I'd probably go for the WRX36 :slight_smile:


ASUS OEM SW does not totally suck if you accidentally buy new HW revision and have to wait for OpenWRT support.

Another option is Cudy WR3000v1, which is also very nice if you do not have many packages to be used.