Asus Lyra ac-2200 update

I try update my Asus Lyra ac-2200 orginal firmware to Openwrt.
I use Putty&Winscp.

Step by step:

Enable ssh in the OEM firmware (use port 22).

Copy openwrt-ipq40xx-generic-asus_map-ac2200-initramfs-fit-uImage.itb via scp to /tmp/

mtd-write -d linux -i /tmp/openwrt-ipq40xx-generic-asus_map-ac2200-initramfs-fit-uImage.itb

reboot -f

sysupgrade -n /tmp/openwrt-ipq40xx.bin

Only one problem, SYSUPGRADE is disappeared. Not found in the Lyra mesh box. Where I can find it?

What was the specific error that you saw? Had you followed the directions including this:

Copy openwrt-ipq40xx-generic-asus_map-ac2200-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin via scp to /tmp/

/tmp is located in RAM, you reboot, it's gone.

Transfer the file again?

I check it in this weekend.

None of your advice helped. The SYSUPGRADE command is nowhere to be found.

GL getting help with "it doesn't work".