Asus AC58U - what about?

I have Asus AC58U and I want to install custom firmware. And I read that LEDE supports this router in one place ( and I cant find it in other place( So I can install it safe? And how to back to stock? Thanks :slight_smile:
(PS: If there is someone from Poland please send me priv message)

It is not supported yet, very basic SOC support (apparently not quite functional, yet) for IPQ40xx has just been added three days ago, but device specific support is still missing. Once the dust has settled, your device should be supportable, but it will take a bit longer (snapshots only, not for the 17.01 branch).

Any news about support for this router?

Technically is should be supported for a little over a week now and ipq40xx in general is supposed to work by now, however I don't really think that this particular device has gotten lots of testing so far and installing LEDE might still be a tad difficult (refer to the links in my previous post).

The firmware discussion is more updated here. And as usual the firmware is awesome, and well stable.