Asterisk PJSIP IPv6 support

I switched to an ISP with native IPv6 support and am trying to setup Asterisk with IPv6 as well. While my current configuration seems to work with IPv4 I get some weird errors when testing IPv6.

While searching for a solution I found out that pjproject doesn't get build with IPv6 support by default: :

pjlib supports IPv6, but for now this has to be enabled in pj/config_site.h:
#define PJ_HAS_IPV6 1

The Asterisk wiki mentions this as well:

Does anybody know if PJSIP on OpenWrt is built with IPv6 support?
Probably @micmac1 or @jslachta

I just found
which seems to set #define PJ_HAS_IPV6 1

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We set up a config_site.h file which enables IPv6 support:

Did you get it to run?

Not with IPv6 unfortunately. But this might be a routing issue - during registration all SIP-packages seem to be directed to localhost instead of the registrar, when using IPv6.
Since I'm quite new to the IPv6 world, I'll run Asterisk via IPv4 for now. Maybe I'll try to switch again, if my IPv6-knowledge is more robust...
But thanks for asking!

That's weird. I mean you tell asterisk where to register to and then it sends packets to ::1? Maybe a packet capture would show what's off. Or just running pcapsipdump, sngrep or sipgrep to check the call trace (well, Register requests).

But if you want to let it rest for the time being then I will not bother you with this :wink:


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