Asterisk 1.8 installation

Hello All,
** This is my first post on openWRT platform.**
** I am familiar with Asterisk, however new with OpenWRT platform.**
** My system is working on **
** OPENWRT_BOARD="ramips/mt7621"**
** OPENWRT_ARCH="mipsel_24kc"**
** I am unable to install asterisk.**
** Any guide would be helpful and appreciated.**
** Thanking You.**


could you possibly provide less usable info ?

what's the deal with the stars ?

Did you try searching?

This might be a good starting point:

shot answer is yes
but it depend on what you want to do
do you have USB port for USB storage ?
how much ram do you have 128M or 256M ?

if you just want a few business phones
to access a sip account with out audio library
you may fit it in flash
if you have external phone's then higher security comes into it